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Yorozu soup bowl (2 colors)

Yorozu soup bowl (2 colors)

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A bowl that tastes as you use it

As the name "Yorozu" suggests, it can be widely used as a bowl for rice, soup, and side dishes.
With two colors, "Negoro" painted with vermilion lacquer from the top of black and "Akira" painted with black lacquer from the top of vermilion, the more you use it, the more the taste will come out.

It is a bowl that is durable, long-lasting, and light and comfortable because it is hollowed out of wood.
It's a perfect gift item.

* This product can be put in one box (paper box) with two customers as a set.
In that case, please order 2 customers and enter "Pair set box request" in the remarks column.

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Size (cm): diameter 12 x height 7.5
Material: Wooden coating: Lacquered box: Cosmetic box

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