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Yoko soup bowl set

Yoko soup bowl set

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Sunlight Mutsumi bowl

After all, a couple bowl is used to celebrate the marriage.
It is a standard product couple bowl that is pleased with the celebration of marriage, which is a pair of two colors, a sardine color and a vermilion color.
The product name "Mutsumiwan" has the idea that "the couple will always be in harmony with each other and be beautiful".
The gold line of the lacquer work drawn along the edge of the bowl and the hill also expresses the wish for the happiness of the two.
The line that goes around the edge and draws a circle has the feeling of "married couple harmonious", and the two lines that are put in close to each other have the feeling of "to make the couple stay close to each other forever".

The moist surface finish of this lacquer ware and the beauty of the gold wire of lacquer lacquer add color to your meal.
The material is a hollowed out wooden potter's wheel, so it is light and hard to break, and it is hard to pass heat, so it is ideal for tasting warm dishes.
Since it is a lacquer ware that can be used in daily life, it is a popular item for wedding anniversaries as a celebration of marriage and as a gift for parents who have been close to us for many years.

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Size (cm) : Diameter 11 x Height 7
Material: Wooden coating: Lacquered box: White cosmetic box

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