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Tame Chaka tray

Tame Chaka tray

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Tea confectionery tray with simple beauty

A simple square tray with a beautiful glossy and deep color.
Since it is a calm color, you can use it regardless of sweets or dishes.

It is the perfect size for serving tea and sweets for one person. (18.5 cm x 30.5 cm)

One of the charms is the deep color

On top of the vermilion color, a brown lacquer lacquer is layered.
The accent is the vermilion that can be seen through the corners.
It's a simple and lean shape that you won't get tired of, and it's an easy-to-use tray that goes well with any tableware.
One of the charms is that after using it for many years, the accumulated color becomes transparent and the taste comes out.

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Size (cm): length 18.5 x width 30.5 x height 1.5
Material: Wooden coating: Lacquered box: Cosmetic box

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