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White lacquer spoon (3 colors)

White lacquer spoon (3 colors)

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A small, light and easy-to-hold spoon

As it is small at 11.5 cm, it is easy for children to carry.
Also, because it is made of wood, it is very light and does not put a burden on your hands, making it an easy-to-use spoon for the elderly.

Handle with beautiful gold line

It has a soft color close to beige, so
Feel free to use it for Western dishes such as pottery.
The gold line drawn to separate the white lacquer and each lacquer
It adds glitz to the calm impression.

Three colors are available

Basic "black", gorgeous "araishu",
We offer three calm "Urumi" colors.
* Please note that colors may vary depending on the product.

The gentle taste is unique to lacquer ware

Because the tip is firmly finished with white lacquer
It is smooth and has a soft mouthfeel.

It is also a popular gift along with bud cups and cake plates .

[Product information]
Size (cm): Length 11.5 x Width 2.5
Material: Wooden
Lacquer: Lacquer
Box: Comes in a plastic bag (outer box is not included)
* Please note that this product is in a plastic bag and cannot be gift-wrapped separately.

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