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Deer round tray (2 colors)

Deer round tray (2 colors)

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Deer tray that can be carried, placed and used conveniently

It is a popular tray when the deer picture is cute.
The deer is an auspicious pattern as a messenger of God,
It is a recommended item for a little celebration or a gift.

Easy-to-use small round tray

Because it is small, it is the right size to carry tea for one or two people.
It is also convenient when carrying a substitute for rice.
From tea time to meals, this is a round tray that you should bring with you for everyday use.

Two colors can be layered

The sizes of black and vermilion are different, so they can be stacked.
We also have a box to put two pieces in a set.

* For the round tray, we also have a box that can be put in a set of two pieces, black and vermilion .
If you would like a set box, please purchase two pieces, black and vermilion, and write "Set box request" in the remarks column.

[Product information]
Size (cm): Black Diameter 22 x Height 2
Zhu Diameter 21 x Height 2
Material: Processed natural wood
Coating: Urethane coating
Box: Comes in a vanity case

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