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Sakura round tray (2 colors)

Sakura round tray (2 colors)

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A round tray that can be carried, placed, and used conveniently

Because it is small, it is the right size to carry tea for one or two people.
It is a round tray that is convenient for everyday use, from tea time to meals.

The studded cherry blossoms are pretty

The picture of cherry blossoms that symbolizes Japan is a cute item.
The sizes of black and vermilion are different, so they can be stacked.
We also have a box to put two pieces in a set.

* For the round tray, we also have a box that can be put in a set of two pieces, black and vermilion .
If you would like a set box, please purchase two pieces, black and vermilion, and write "Set box request" in the remarks column.

[Product information]
Size (cm): Black Diameter 22 x Height 2
Zhu Diameter 21 x Height 2
Material: Processed natural wood
Coating: Urethane coating
Box: Comes in a vanity case

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