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Ohara Tray (2 colors)

Ohara Tray (2 colors)

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Zohiko's long-selling product

Ohara Bon, which is popular for its traditional patterns, has long been a long-selling product with many fans.
It is a tray that has a dignified appearance and ease of use. It is carved from a single plate and has a solid thickness of about 2 cm, so it has a sense of stability when you hold it. (Diameter 24 cm)

In addition to everyday use, it is also useful as a wedding gift, gift, or souvenir.
As it is a small tray, it can be used as a carrying tray when serving tea to customers.
You can also use it as a confectionery tray by directly serving sweets.

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Size (cm): diameter 24 x thickness 2
Material: Wooden coating: Lacquered box: Cosmetic box

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