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Genji Gumo clam-shaped plate set

Genji Gumo clam-shaped plate set

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A gorgeous plate perfect for gifts

Place a cake on the plate for meals and a cake for tea time ...
It is a set of 2 plates that are easy to use.
It is a very popular gift item because of its ease of use and gorgeous appearance.

Auspicious dish of clams and Genji clouds

Because clams fit only with paired shellfish,
It is said to be a symbol of marital harmony and has the meaning of family harmoniousness.
With such a clam as a motif, it is a piece like Erihiko that expresses the clouds drawn in the Genji Monogatari Emaki with gold leaf

Beautiful real gold shine

We use abundant real money to draw the Genji cloud with a strong presence.
This money does not easily lose its brilliance over time, and the more you use it, the more you will notice the difference.
It is a dish that the craftsman's skill shines even in small places such as the fine treatment around the clouds .

It has a moderate depth, so it is safe even if it is juicy.

It is a beautiful Genji cloud pattern created by craftsmen one by one.

We will deliver it in a paulownia box, so it is safe for a decent gift.
We have prepared a set of two to fit the size exactly. You can also use it for storage.
* Although it is removed for shooting, we will wrap the plate so that it will not be scratched when it is actually delivered.

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Size (cm) One customer: length 14 x width 21.5 x height 1
Material: Wooden coating: Lacquer / urethane mixed coating Box: Pair paulownia box

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