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Genjigumo clam-shaped tray (2 colors)

Genjigumo clam-shaped tray (2 colors)

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Auspicious dish of clams and Genji clouds

It is a tray of the Genji cloud series.
Because clams fit only with paired shellfish,
It is said to be a symbol of marital harmony and has the meaning of family harmoniousness.
With such a clam as a motif, it is a dish like Erihiko that expresses the clouds drawn in the Genji Monogatari Emaki with gold leaf.

Beautiful gold leaf shine

We use this gold leaf abundantly to create a strong Genji cloud.
This money does not easily lose its brilliance over time, and the more you use it, the more you will notice the difference.
It is a dish that the craftsman's skill shines even in small places such as the fine treatment around the clouds.

Easy-to-use size

Not only sweets, but also food and tea at tea time ...
It is a tray of a size that is easy to use.
It is a very popular gift item because of its ease of use and gorgeous appearance.

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Size (cm): length 19.5 x width 30 x height 1
Material: Wooden
Coating: Lacquer / urethane mixed coating
Box: Cosmetic box

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