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Doubari jubako (2 colors )

Doubari jubako (2 colors )

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Simple and elegant heavy box

It is a heavy box with a deep vermilion color and a bright vermilion color.
It has a characteristic shape that swells a little sideways, which is called "Dobari".
With a small size of 17 cm square, it is easy to pack and store New Year dishes.

Active in various scenes such as celebrations and holidays

In addition to New Year dishes, the simple jubako can be filled with chirashizushi for children's festivals.
You can use it all year round, such as putting in a home party hors d'oeuvre.

There are two colors, vermilion and tame.

Two colors are available: gorgeous vermilion and calm vermilion.
The inside of both jubako is black to make the food stand out.

Goods will be delivered in a special wooden box.
It can be used for a long time, so it is also recommended for wedding celebrations.

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Size (cm): length 17 x width 17 x height 15.5
Material: Wooden coating: Lacquered box: Wooden box

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