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Cake plate (3 colors)

Cake plate (3 colors)

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A plate with beautiful simplicity

A small plate on which sweets and cakes can be placed.
With a clean and simple design, it is a dish that brings out the charm of glossy lacquer.
It is a plate that you can put on anything, so it is recommended not only for Japanese sweets but also for Western sweets such as cakes and baked sweets.

3 color variations

Three colors are available, such as "Araishu", which looks like orange.
The lineup of unique lacquer colors such as dark brown-colored "Tame" and deep vermilion "Urumi" is also attractive.

The same color is available for the " Tsubomi cup ", so it is recommended to use it as a set.

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Size (cm): diameter 15 x height 2
Material: Wood
Coating: Lacquer
Box: Gift box

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