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Akebono Nunome tray (3 sizes)

Akebono Nunome tray (3 sizes)

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High durability of upholstery

Thanks to the cloth attached to the surface, it is resistant to scratches and has a non-slip effect, so it is easy to use and can be used for a long time.

3 sizes

Three sizes are available.
The small size is about 22.5 cm, and you can put tea on it when you meet your friends and use it as a confectionery tray.
The inside is about 30 cm, which is the perfect size for a carrying tray.
The large one is about 36 cm and is useful for serving.

Akira is a coating made by layering a reservoir on top of vermilion, and the vermilion gradually appears as you use it.
Negoro -nuri is also available in the same series.

[Product information]
Size (cm): Small diameter 22.5 x height 2
Medium diameter 30 x height 2
Large diameter 36 x height 2
Material: Wooden
Coating: Urethane coating
Box: Cosmetic box

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