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Sakura hand mirror

Sakura hand mirror

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It is a beautiful mirror of weeping cherry blossoms

A pretty double mirror with weeping cherry blossom petals flying around.
An elegant lacquer work of gold on a black background, it can be used by all ages.
How about it for your own fashion or as a gift for your loved ones.

Folded in half for easy carrying

One side is a magnifying glass, which is useful for remakeup.
Although it is folded in half, it is thin and not bulky in a bag or pouch.

With a dedicated cover

A special cover (black) is attached, so
There is no need to worry about scratches on the surface even if you put it in a makeup pouch.

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Size (cm): length 6 x width 6 x thickness 0.5
Material: Aluminum coating: Lacquer / urethane mixed coating Box: Comes in a cosmetic box
Set contents: With a dedicated black cover
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