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Noodle bowl

Noodle bowl

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A large bowl that is perfect for noodles

It's the perfect size for udon noodles and rice bowls.
(Diameter 17.5 x 9 cm)

As a serving bowl lined up on the table

It is a convenient container for everyday use as a bowl for serving obanzai.

Light and easy to hold

Since lacquer ware is made of wood, it is light and hard to break.
It doesn't get hot even if you put warm juice in it, so it's easy to hold and has heat retention.
In addition, since the uneven lines are engraved on the outside, the fingers do not slip easily and it is made to hold firmly.

Easy-to-use black inner vermilion color

It is a color of vermilion black that is easy to match with various dishes.
For the inner vermilion, black lacquer is applied and then vermilion lacquer is applied.
The black lacquer that looks faint on the surface appears little by little with each use.
Please enjoy the taste of lacquer ware that changes over time.

The bottom is upholstered

The prospect of the vessel is upholstered to reinforce it so that it is not easily scratched and the burden on the vessel is reduced even if hot juice is poured or chopsticks or a spoon hits it.

Brush coating that makes scratches inconspicuous

The outside is finished with a brush coating that shows the marks of the brush.
Since it has a rough surface, scratches are not noticeable and you can use it everyday without hesitation.
There is a gold elephant logo on the bottom.

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Size (cm) : Diameter 17.5 x Height 9
Material: Wooden lacquer: Lacquer ware Box: Comes in a vanity case

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