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Setsugetsuka sake cup set

Setsugetsuka sake cup set

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Enjoy the difference with your five senses. A sake set that tickles the playfulness of adults.

"I want you to know the difference in drinking comfort created by using different materials!"
In order to put that thought into shape, we worked with Mr. Yamanaka of Seikado, a tin craftsman who is particular about making things in Kyoto, and Mr. Hayashi of the Benimura kiln, a porcelain writer, to create a "handicraft set" that allows you to compare the tastes. I did.

The clear whiteness of white porcelain is the snow, and the bright brilliance of tin is the moon.
The name "Yukigetsu Hana-Kijutsu" is named after the bright vermilion of lacquer, which is likened to a large flower .
Just as each of the snow moon flowers is beautiful, you can enjoy the deliciousness of sake with different textures of the three types of sake sets made of different materials.

It comes in a special cosmetic box that contains 3 items as a set, making it a perfect gift item.

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Size (cm): Diameter 5.5 x Height 4
Produced by:
  Snow-white porcelain made by KOSONGAMA
  Moon-Made by SEIKADO
  Flower-lacquerware made by ZOHIKO
Box: Set in black cosmetic box

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