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Moon Poem tray

Moon Poem tray

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Crescent edging and rabbit

I drew a moon rabbit with gold in a tray with an interesting design that looks like a crescent moon or a full moon with a vermilion border.
The simpleness of the persimmon-coated lacquer with a little wood grain also enhances the fun of Obon.

You can use it not only as a carrying tray, but also as a plate on which you put food or a glass, depending on your taste.

Rabbits are popular with children and adults, and as they are called "fortune rabbits," they have an auspicious meaning.
Various celebrations and wedding gifts are also appreciated because they are light and hard to break.

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Size (cm): diameter 24 x height 1
Material: Wooden coating: Urethane coating Box: Comes in a vanity case

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