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Hime Kumi plate set

Hime Kumi plate set

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Small and pretty Kumi plate

A set of Kumi plates depicting princesses from Japanese folk tales.
Three people, Otohime, Kaguyahime, and Orihime, are drawn.
Not only as a coaster, but also with candies and chocolates.
Please use it as a small plate for children to put side dishes on.
Comes in a special set box that can hold 3 sheets side by side.

For gifts such as childbirth celebrations



"Princess Kaguya"

The cute lacquer work was treated by craftsmen one by one with gold.
It is also a nice point that lacquer has a natural antibacterial effect.
By handling lacquer ware from young children, it is also an opportunity to convey the ancient Japanese culture that values ​​things.

This item is recommended for baby gifts, children's birthdays, and celebrations of the first festival.
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Size (cm): 1 customer Diameter 8 x Height 1
Material: Wooden lacquer: Lacquer ware Box: Special set in a cosmetic box
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