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Stripe round bag for hand mirror

Stripe round bag for hand mirror

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Nishijin-ori round bag

A round bag with a refreshing color that depicts a striped pattern.

It is large enough to fit our portable hand mirror.

When combined with a calm black hand mirror, it has a neat and calm atmosphere.

A round bag that is carefully hand-sewn one by one using Nishijin-ori, which is a restored specialty.
The specialty, Meibutsure, is the finest woven fabric that was introduced mainly from China to Japan from the Kamakura period to the Edo period.
Made of pure silk, it can also be used as an accessory case other than a hand mirror.

* If you purchase it with a portable hand mirror, you can put the hand mirror in a round bag and put it in the outer box of the hand mirror and wrap it.
If you wish, please let us know in the remarks column.

[Product information]
Size (cm): Diameter 8.5 x Thickness 2
Material: Pure silk
Ori: Nishijin-ori
Box: Comes in a plastic bag (outer box is not included)
* Please note that this product is in a plastic bag and cannot be used as a bag.

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