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Matsukuitsuru calligraphy set

Matsukuitsuru calligraphy set

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High-quality suzuri-bako with delicate lacquer work

A beautiful suzuri-bako with delicate and high-quality gold lacquer cranes danced by craftsmen.
The point is that the suzuri-bako itself is in the shape of a knot.
With a small size that you can place in a familiar place, it will enrich your time to enjoy the book.

Necessary tools are included in the set

Inside is a set of stone, brush, water difference, and ink, which you can use immediately.

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Size (cm): length 10 x width 17 x height 2.5
Material: Wooden lacquer: Lacquer ware Box: Wooden box Set contents: Stone, brush, water difference, ink will be set and delivered.

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