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Pine Arabesque tray [small]

Pine Arabesque tray [small]

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Easy to use and beautiful tray

It is a gold seal tray used when handing a gift bag or a gold seal.
The black tray is decorated with arabesque with real gold, and can be used for both Kei and Condolence.
It plays a role even in a proper place,
It is a lacquered gold-sealed tray.

Pine arabesque with shining real money

With a design that makes the real gold shine sharply on black lacquer
The pattern of the lacquer work is a "pine arabesque" pattern that combines "arabesque" and "pine".
It can be used for both condolences.

We also have a gift tray with the same design.

We also have a slightly larger gift tray that can be nested.

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Size (cm): length 21 x width 14.5 x height 2
Material: Wooden coating: Lacquered box: Cosmetic box

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