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Violet Tray

Violet Tray

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Beautiful wood grain tray

It can be used not only as a carrying tray, but also as a luncheon mat after carrying all the dishes, tea, chopsticks, etc. for one person .

"Sumire" with pretty little flowers

The tray is painted black so that the grain of wood can be seen.

"Sumire", which is characterized by its sharp petals, casually adds flowers.

Easy-to-hold design

The part that becomes the handle is slightly curved to make it easier to carry.
Even when you lift it from the state it is in front of you
It can be lowered smoothly because it is caught.

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Size (cm): length 29 x width 40.5 x height 1.5
Material: Wooden coating: Urethane coating Box: Comes in a vanity case

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