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Zuiun Gold bamboo plate

Zuiun Gold bamboo plate

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Easy to use and beautiful bamboo bowl

Just take it out of the container where you bought the warabi mochi or rice cracker and pour it quickly, and the feeling will be enhanced.

The brilliance of gold leaf that complements the dishes

Of course, even if you put food on it, it will be a higher-grade finish.
Serve fish and meat at dinner, or put it on a plate with garnished vegetables.
The bamboo plate is a large size with a width of 24 cm. You can pile up the amount firmly.
It is a lacquer ware that can be used for anything and is easy to use at the daily dining table.

Handmade taste

Elephant bamboo plates are handmade by craftsmen.
We carefully make each piece by repeating many processes from cutting and shaving bamboo.

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Size (cm): length 17 x width 24 x height 3
Material: Bamboo coating: Lacquer / urethane mixed coating box: Cosmetic box
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